Wednesday, December 8, 2010

my 100th post

welcome to my official 100th post


I have experienced a kind of beauty that I have never noticed before.

that sound the rain makes when it trickles down my windowpane =)

there was a storm just now and as I look out... I never noticed the view like this before.

yes it's the city, more specifically the highway just beside my building.

an annoyance I always complained about because of the constant honking I hear at night during traffic

but now as I look at it, despite the storm, there are no traffic jams.

which means no honking which pleases me greatly hehe!

and this beauty does come in stages.

first there was natural sunlight in my room, lighting every corner.

(a good thing since I never ever once opened my curtains at my old house, now I can have some sun in my room!)

makes me a sunny person :D

then all of a sudden it starts to get darker and darker,

and the rain begins softly

every time it rains I think of you

and then finally the storm.

rain, rain trickling down my window, keeping my room cool and calm.

my window gets foggy and the world disappears.

I open the window and my face gets wet and it makes me feel alive!

the wind blows me away and think oh God, life is great!

I just can't notice it sometimes.

funny how the smallest of things can give you the biggest impact.

the best part is,

I feel like Rapunzel (long hair on the way) all the way up here.

now I just have to wait for Prince Charming to come rescue me ;)

and I know I'll be alright

this is the view from my room when it first started to rain

and this was during the storm

ooooh and... ONE MORE THING

omg omg omg I must watch this! I MUST! I MUST!

I really don't want this to be one of those situations where the trailer explodes but the movie just... doesn't.

oh how I've missed you Alex (the yummy) Pettyfer a.k.a abs of a sexgod ;)